Monday, May 28

My Thursday with the Awesome Foursome was...awesome. We walked about 10 miles, finally had dinner at Thai Express, & walked another 50 miles. I swear, I've never walked so much in my life. We walked from City Hall to Esplanade to Fullerton Hotel to Indo Chine to Sim Lim Square & back to Raffles City Shopping Centre. It was awesome mad.

Vidz likes her birthday presents. I think. :P
Honey, I shrunk the Merlion! :o

The moon was pretty dang near. Or was it? :)

I had so much fun, but we sure left late. Had to take an expensive cab ride home. :(

Meet up again Farhana Wifey/Ex-Bomb-Hair/Kuku, Tiff Wiffy/Warrior/Architect & Idzy Vidzy! :D

P.S. Collages stolen from Tiff-adee because I suck at making them. :)

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