Friday, June 8

Sam is an unhappy girl.

Mostly, about school.

I regret signing up for the SEP. I'm paying $90 to be controlled by an asshole who acts tough & mighty, has bad pronunciation & can't spell.

Next, we have to do a presentation. Which I wouldn't have minded had we been able to choose our own group (which we initially thought so). But no. We're grouped by that asshole co-ordinator. & now I have to fraternise with strangers & do some presentation about economy which I am clueless about.

& then, I didn't know we have to come back to Singapore & do ANOTHER presentation. That's pretty effed up.

& I thought we would at least be able to have some good ol' shopping time but the free time we have are far & in between. A couple of hours each day or so.

& apparently, we have to report our every move to the asshole co-ordinator. Don't I feel like a puppet. He has us all controlled.

& the WORST part is. I thought I can spend some time with my baby BUT they had to treat us like kids & assigned roomies to us. So now, I can't even cuddle up & fall asleep with my baby.

EARGH. Then what's the point of going? & I'm paying $90 to do presentations with strangers & stuff. Awesome.

& yes. We have to attend the useless tutorial with another class on Monday because we all didn't show (save for Muneerah) for our other 2 tutorials. They threatened to bar us from our exam.

Well, thank you but then again, but aren't we barred only if we don't reach 80% attendance? We attended lectures EVERYDAY without fail, because it was useful & relevant.

All the tutorials are useless. I swear. It's a different person teaching tutorials while our lecturer goes back to America, & the tutors don't communicate with the lecturers. So they end up teaching different stuff. & usually, the tutor gives you a free reign & asks you to go do some stuff on your own for 3 WHOLE hours, & then come back, show it to him & off you go.

& most of the tutors are tutoring there as a side job. I have a couple of lecturers from Ngee Ann tutoring there. So how serious do they take that tutoring job? Moonlighting, they are.

So yes, Sam is pretty pissed off. I hate being dictated.

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