Monday, June 25

Much fun, much fun!

Finally got to see my dearest Tiara, back from the land of...Kiwis. She hates that place vehemently, it appears. 3 years there didn't exactly change her mind & she still longs to be back here. So I do hope she finds a job here & then we can hang out like we used to!

Dinner was at Vila'ge, followed by coffee at CoffeeBean (it was plain water for me since I was damn thirsty & coffee makes my thirst worse). I do miss the gang. Too bad Bong wasn't there, or else it would have been so much fun too. Not that it wasn't. I do miss Tiara & Dan, whom I haven't seen...since graduation, I think. Floyd & Darrelle, of coz' I heart lah, but can see more regularly. ;) Dan was in a shirt that says 'Dumbfuck', which made him an easy target. & Tiara brought along her boyfriend from Anzac, & she had a butterfly in her hair instead of a flower. Heh.

& I was really quite deaf that day.

Darrelle: We're both boiling frogs.
Me: Why are we avoiding Floyd? :\
Darrelle: I didn't say that!
Floyd: -_-

& Darrelle is super funny. She was all like, 'I'm a media whore in Geylang! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!' & we told her that it was easy to miss out the 'media' part when you put 'whore' & 'Geylang' together.

Peektures are with Darrelle. I'll get them from her when she has a life. :) She works 24/7 ok?

Went Bugis with boyfriend today to buy glasses. I bought a pair which & pinkish. Very girly, very not me. It's $180+ but coz' my boyfriend bought a pair too, I get to buy mine at 50%! :D & his pair costs like $280. Stupid New Balance, but it looks good on him.

Then we had steamboat dinner with Stephie & her Mike. Sweating like mad throughout since the tom yum was crazy spicy & the air-con wasn't strong but it was pretty good for the price. Quite worth it, although they charged us a ridiculous amount for their stupid dry tissue, which was stationed at each table so honestly, even if we don't use it, they still charge us for it. Steph was le fierce to the cashier. I scared. D:

&...Steph's birthday photos are not up yet. I have them, but am really quite lazy to upload so I guess I'll do so when I come back from KL with the other photos. Then it'll be a crazy long photo blog entry.

& yes, am going KL tomorrow till Friday for some Student Exchange thingy. Am not VERY excited about it, since the co-ordinator is quite an ass. But other than that, I'm alright with it since we've got the presentation done up & I'll be spending time both with boyfriend & classmates!

But that would mean I'm gonna miss out on Krawk Island's match with Darigan Citadel, Shenkuu & Lost Desert. DAMN scared we lose.

I know, a little obssessed with the Altador Cup. We were all saying how at the end of the Altador Cup, most of us are gonna end up with Deep Vein Thrombosis & Carpal Tunnel.

& OH! I love the board titles! With all the puns about other teams. Super funny.

When Krawk Island played Maraqua, I made a bunch of boards for fellow Krawkers to post scores & chat. They were mostly digs at Maraqua for being an underwater world.

"Krawk Kafe:// We serve sushi, & rum!"
"Krawk Kafe:// How would you like your fish - raw, steamed or fried?"
"Krawk Kafe:// Our special today - rum-battered fish & chips!"
"Krawk Kafe:// How dare you call us cheap? We have...shark's fin too!"

I'm so proud of these titles I came up with. & today, I cracked up at one. We were playing Virtupets (a land run mostly by robots). & the title was, "KILL://We spit at the robots to watch them spark" which I thought was crude & funny at the same time. KILL means Krawk Island Living Legends by the ways.


& yes, I've really digressed from what I was going on about. & you guys probably wouldn't understand this since this is Neopets speak but Darrelle, Skye & even Floyd will! HAHA!

Ok, sleep. Have got to go to school to assemble early tomorrow morning. Bleargh.

Be back with photos soon, I hope!

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