Tuesday, June 19

OMFG. Have you seen this guy?

Looks like William Hung, sings like Andrea Bocelli. I'm not a fan of opera but man. Even an opera idiot like me can tell his voice is amazing. & he looks like William Hung!

& Connie Talbot is amazing. I would have liked her to win because she's...cute & has a crystal clear voice. I saw her audition on YouTube, & it made me tear up. I saw her performance in the finals, it made me tear up too. (I didn't like the song in her semi-final performance as much.) It was either that or I just can't watch people cry (one of the judges was crying). Crying is contagious for me. If you want to make me cry, start crying & I probably would too.

This 6 year old girl has more talent in her milk tooth than...say, all the contestants of Singapore's singing competitions combined. LOL. How does a 6 year old come about to possess such a clear strong voice? & her smile is adorable too. Look Ma, no teeth!

& by the way, they're finalists on Britain's Got Talent (yes they do, but it's actually not very fair to compare to Singapore since Britain is like how many times the size of Singapore). It's not a singing competition, it's purely a talent competition.

That means if you think you have a talent for pole dancing or juggling hacksaws or eating hotdogs while dancing to The Pussycat Dolls on hot coals wearing tight leather, you could probably join too. That, & oh, you probably would have to be a British citizen too.

I'm too lazy to upload their videos but if you will, just Google their name or go on YouTube & search. I'm awfully nice. I even embedded their links here. You know, in case you get a case of the spazzies & can't type. Prepare to be blown away.

& I HEART Ant & Dec. 'Eternal Love' is my all-time favourite, & I have their album too which has fabulous songs & also, this track which used to scare me half to death. It's a track not listed on their album, & it didn't sound like them. Sounded like 2 creepy fellows singing some odd nonsensical song that sounded like, 'I've...got a Big Mac...toddAAAAAYYY!' & then suddenly, there would be a loud SHOUT & that song freaked me out so damn bloody much. My primary school friend told me that I had a 'haunted album' & the track was probably recorded by some spirits & somehow got into the album. & guess what, I believed it for years till I had the sense to look it up one day (a couple of years later, when Internet was finally taking off) & realised that Ant & Dec were fooling around in the studio & they recorded that. O.o Wtf.

I think I digressed too much. Yup. As I was saying, I love Ant & Dec, aka PJ & Duncan. & I've always wondered where they've gone to, & I did found them doing some roving reporters thingy for Smash Hits (some entertainment magazine) when I was in Crescent & used to buy Smash Hits often. I remember seeing them in 'Love Actually' & being so incredibly excited. So am pretty glad to see Ant & Dec, since they have close to zero exposure here. :) They make a great team, fantastic chemistry & they're funny as well.

P.S. The William Hung doppelganger won.

& this is totally off topic but I look like I have emo hair now. Kinda. Not really. But when I tie what remains of my hair into a sad, limp, tiny ponytail, I look like I have a bob. Wth. I ought to learn to say no when the hairdresser pushes me to some rookie. It's the second bloody time.

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