Tuesday, July 10

Ah. The KL trip. It has been quite a while since the trip, & I have lost all motivation to blog about it. But it was well worth the $90. The hotel room's not bad, the food's good, we met new people, we saw touristy places & the clique spent loads of time together.

Photos as promised! After all, I swore upon my nose hair. Wouldn't want to lose them, would I now?

Being oddly fascinated with fish.Daryl's terrific shirt.Having both my darlings together = awesome. Forgot a picture of our hotel room so here's Stephy & Fiona's. The KL Tower.See, we are walking! Do people actually walk like this?People who jumped into the photo - Abid & Vivek."Eh, got 182m meh? It's only as tall as me what!"
Catwalking, but failing very miserably. Notice my snigger?But hey, we pulled this off. The 'girlband' look.Gong Li with her bodyguard while crazy groupies follow.Petronas Towers in the day.Petronas Towers at night (quite breathtaking).Before entering the RM$2 toilet.It's me. I ruined a perfectly choreographed photo by moving.Our verdict - thumbs down.Hungry girls are angry girls.Us: "Oh look at this poster! So funny! Let's all pose like him!"& who shall we bump into but THE GUY himself!Pretty damn sporting of him.Jolene = HOT STUFF BABY TONIIIGGGHT!When you're hungry, even a dirty fist looks yummy.& so does Stephy's hair.Making a face & ruining the photo coz' I was irritated at an empty vessel.Pretending to be superstars.But hey look! We are! We even have our own photographer!WO MEN SHI DA MING XING!The "manager" & his girls. I'm making him sound like a pimp. :D& he has been dying for a swim ever since he got there.Jolene & her virgin bite of THE Ramly burger.Be very AFRAID...of the giant statue!I refused to climb the stairs. Jolene accompanied me & we fed the mozzies.The "secret" that no one would tell me. ;)Seafood dinner at a kelong. Our famous "Jumping Around KL" series. We jump, anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

KL Tower

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Putrajaya I

Putrajaya II

Putrajaya III

Batu Caves

Outside Federal Hotel where we were staying.

& one of the funniest photos of all time - Bee & James jumping. Look at how guys jump.

Ok, I'm done. The bloody photos took like 4 freaking hours to upload, & then to organise them in order. I had to drag them up & down in this template itself & the scrollbar was really long & it took me AGES & then the captions went nuts & wouldn't align properly & the whole window lags when I type coz' of the many photos & I almost gave up.

But yay, I'm done! Enjoy the photos, will you? Knock yourselves out!

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