Saturday, July 14

Eh, I didn't realise that it was Friday the 13th yesterday! :o Ah wells, to hell with superstition.

So many movies I wanna watch!

Ratatouille, because of its 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, the comments in Theatre Hopper, & also word of mouth.

The Simpsons Movie, because it's well, the Simpsons & it's also a movie that Daryl is dying to watch.

Hairspray, coz' it's a broadway musical adapted into a movie, & because John Travolta is a woman in this. :P

& I've been quite obsessive about my weight now. O.o I weigh myself like 5 times a day, & freak when I gain like half a kg. I'm trying to get to 39 kg. That's 3.5 kg to reduce.

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