Sunday, July 1

No photos from the rest of the gang yet, so the entry about KL will take mighty long. Since the photo files are gonna be so HUMONGOUS, we'll have to compile & burn into a CD & the next time we see each other, it'll be this Saturday.

The trip was pretty ok. The organiser didn't turn out as bad as we thought he'd be. It appears that he only came across as high & mighty during the briefing to show us that he's in charge. & thereafter, during the actual trip, he was ACTUALLY nice. Yes he was. A little over the top, a little noisy, but generally nice. He waited for the girls to shop, he brought us to a Ramly burger & bought Jolene & Daryl burgers (the rest didn't want any), he bought us satay & Hokkien mee, & he appeared to the girls' rescue as they were being harrassed by the shopowners when Daryl walked me back to the hotel coz' I was too tired to continue shopping.

We had comfy coaches, where we spent most of our time in - sleeping. We had pretty good food. & the hotel wasn't shabby. All for just $90. It was really worth it. Although we had to present & of coz', head to all the typical touristy places. We shopped. We chatted. We laughed. It was good bonding with the gang. It was awesome.

Enough said. :) The peektures will do all the talking the next time round!

& overdue pictures from Stephy's birthday party!

It was fun. We had too much food, 2 exact same mango cakes, we played Blackjack & James lost close to $20 while I won a grand total of 50 cents, we chatted, played Diner Dash, played Fifa & celebrated my darling's birthday grandly.

& oh, I've seen Transformers & I liked it. So shove it up your ass you irritating over-zealous fanboys! What? That's a story for another time.

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