Monday, July 2

Uh, ok, my thoughts on Transformers.

I'm not an expert movie critic so cut me some slack ok?

Right. Anyways, I was reluctant to catch Transformers with Daryl. I mean, come on, Transformers is for the boys! The fanboys! The geeks! & I never did watch Transformers on telly when I was a kid. I was more a Power Rangers person than anything.

So. Daryl was practically bursting with excitement ever since he saw the trailer for it months & months ago. He was DYING to watch it. He went nuts & spent over $200 on 2 HUGE Transformers (Optimus Prime & Megatron) posters which now hang delicately on his wall (& yes, I find myself accidentally falling onto them quite a few times). So you know, I was really hoping he would go watch it with his geek friends. But nope. He had to drag me along.

Which I'm actually grateful for since it turned out pretty awesome.

Yes, there were times that I couldn't tell the robots apart. But still, the fight scenes were pretty cool. Great CGI. Sleek robots. Funny dialogues. Hot characters - Megan Fox (foxy Megan - her name just BEGS for it, doesn't it?), hunky Josh Duhamel, & cute Shia LaBeouf. & I was happy coz' I saw Amaury Nolasco (for the ignorant, he's Sucre in Prison Break).

& I think I'll just address some fanboys' crazy criticism on IMDB. Since they made so much noise on the forums & I'm just annoyed at crazy barking dogs like that.

They claim the robots are too ero, too updated. That Bumblebee should remain a VW Beetle. That the vehicles were all GM cars. That they will torch Michael Bay if Soundwave is modified into an iPod in the sequel.

Well, I think the robots look really sleek. It's the 21st century for god's sake. No one's gonna watch a show with 2D, badly constructed, badly painted, creaky robots. & it's a movie, so it's a business franchise. So the GM cars make things convenient. & even if Soundwave appears as an iPod in the next show, there's nothing you can do. Face it, cassette players are extinct now. Although I don't think it'll be an iPod. That'll be too...ridiculous. & a VW Beetle is too cute, & like Bay said, too 'Herbie'.

They claim the fight scenes are retarded.

I kinda think it is pretty awesome CGI. At least they don't look jerky or fake screenish.

They claim that they made the Decepticons look non-menacing when they say stupid lines about the Internet & eBay.

O.o I think it's damn funny, actually. When Barricade was yelling into Sam's face, I thought it was quite a funny line. & it's a movie, it's a commercial product, they want it to be...commercially friendly. Call them 'sell-outs' if you want but face up, they need to cater to the general audience, who involves parents who bring kids to the movie, girlfriends dragged to the movie, the audience from the post-Transformers era & so on.

So I can't stand bloody whiners & criticising zealots. If you think you can do a better job, please do.

I mean, I'm a MAD Potter fan. But I don't trash the Potter movies. Yes, I know they'll never live up to the books. But reality is as reality does. You can only squeeze so much info into a 2-3 hours movie. So although I scowl at times when they modify important Potter bits (like taking out Peeves), I don't go all out & cry about the injustice they do to the books. I do think the actors are pretty great, & the screenwriters & directors have probably done their best to squeeze a thick book into a commercial movie, friendly enough to non-Potter readers.

Speaking of Potter, I have booked the tickets for the movie on release date - 12th July. & I'm so bloody excited. So bloody bloody excited. It looks awesome. Dark, creepy, & awesommmmeee. Helena Bonham Carter plays Bellatrix Lestrange. She doesn't look evil enough. & Dolores Umbridge looks much much older than I'd imagine but oh, poo poo everything. I just wanna go see it!

& counting down to Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows! -faints from all the excitement-

I don't think I can take any more excitement this month.

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