Sunday, July 22

Well, I shall elaborate on how Potter Day was ruined for me.

Potter Days, for the past 2 books, had been FULL Potter Days. I got the books at 7 AM, I head home, & I read till I finish it. Non-stop. No contact from outside world. No nothing.

But Potter Day yesterday was ruined.

I queued at 6.40 AM, got my book at 7.01 AM, & my wonderful boyfriend picked me up from Bukit Panjang Plaza & I stayed in Plaza Singapura's McDonalds & inhaled the book.

& then, I had school. So I thought, hey, I could get the book, finish classes in 3 & a half hours, & still have the rest of my Potter Day.

But Ting said we had to meet Clifford & Sam Toh for dinner. I found out during the dinner that due to miscommunication, I thought Sam Toh was the one who could only make it on the 21st, while they thought it was me. They had the Sams mixed up. So anyways, I still figured I had hours between 12.30 PM & 6.30 PM. I had planned on heading to Daryl's place to read the book, & then heading back to town to meet my friends for dinner. I could finish it, no problem.

& then, I had a project meeting. Which lasted, a full 5 & a half hours. I only managed snatches of the book since we were moving around a lot.

& dinner with them, which Ting came half an hour late, Clifford came 45 minutes late, & Sam Toh came 1 hour & a half late. Awesome. But oh wells, it appears that Sam Toh had a reason.

& my darling boyfriend came & picked me up again from dinner (since it was a Saturday & I had no desire to fight my way up my bus, nor did I want to get home late so I decided not to follow Ting to a birthday party before her boyfriend could drive us home). I thought I could get home quick & read it.

But alas. The full busy day had taken its toll. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer & I fell asleep at 12.45 AM. Not even halfway through the book.

I had work this morning, & you know what?


Some idiots think it's funny to post the list of people who died as their main topic.

& people, that is the reason why I always finished a newly released Harry Potter on the day itself, without having any outside world contact. So people would just STOP trying to ruin the story for me. I had quite a few people who tried today, & I was actually quite annoyed.

Yup, so today, I could only fully read it when I knocked off at 4 PM. & by then, I've already got a fair idea who died & who killed who.

I've finished it. & I like it about as much as Order of the Phoenix. Which, really, is not that good. I don't want to say it's bad since this could be quite subjective. But there are just so many things that I don't like.

But why I don't like it is another story for another time. I'm gonna do a bit of work & go watch Ugly Betty.

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