Wednesday, July 25

Taken at Cathay. Awesome eh?

Daryl has shaky hands. He didn't want to use flash for some reason.

I've seen The Simpsons Movie! BWAHAHAHA!

Well, it's really quite plotless.

& since the whole movie was a hush hush, I'm gonna be a spoiler & reveal it all.

Basically, Springfield had an environment crisis. The lake was so polluted, it killed emo stars (in example, Greenday) there to perform.

So Homer adopted a pig he christened 'Spider-Pig' as you can see in the trailers. (The pig later became Potter instead.) Homer didn't listen to all them environment stuff & dumped all the pig's crap into the lake because he was rushing off for doughnuts.

The lake became so toxic, it mutated animals.

& then Gov. Schwarzenegger listened to the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency), & they built a dome to surrounding Springfield to contain its pollution. & so, Springfielders lost their freedom & wanted Homer's blood. He got his family, got out of the dome, & went to Alaska to start a new life.

E.P.A. then decided to bomb Springfield to make a new attraction. Homer refused to go back & help so Marge & the kids left him. Homer was forced to have an epiphany & he went to Springfield & saved the day.

Oh, & throughout the movie, Bart felt neglected by Homer & started spending a lot of time with the neighbour who was a 'perfect' dad.

The End.

Honestly, that's the detailed version of it. Basically, it's a movie you ought to watch for the laughs, not for the story. There were definitely plenty of laughs.

The show got off to a fantastic beginning by making a dig at the movie goers who went to the theatres to watch something you can watch for free on teevee. Then it made fun of Greenday, it made fun of Tom Hanks, it made fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But generally, it was short, it was 2-D, & it was, quite a no-brain show. You go there & laugh at the stupidity & outrageous jokes. Which worked well for me.

& this is a lousy review since I don't really watch The Simpsons on teevee so I don't really have something to compare to.


Anyway, today was an awesome day.

I stayed overnight at Daryl's, although we didn't sleep well since we were both antsy about the presentation today, which went well.

I shall show you guys the posters. They're quite funny, really. We had a storyboard too, but I'm really too lazy to put them up.

Here they are:

I stole these 3 images from Stephy's blog. She biased! She only framed Mike's poster! :P


Dammit. & I know I really should review Deathly Hallows but I'm really too lazy to, & man, I don't know how to do it without spoiling it for others who haven't read it. O.o

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