Thursday, July 19

Yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary. We've come a long way. Amidst the fights & the tears & the cold wars, love overcame all. (Yeah yeah, that came across as some extremely cheesy speech.)

We had school in the morning, had lunch with The 9 (the clique), & we went back to his place to do homework. Such good kids we are. & Daryl was not appreciative of the sunflower I got him. :( I told him that I got him a sunflower coz' he's my sunflower (bright, happy, making someone's life better) & he said he doesn't want to be a flower coz' it's gay. & he refused to hold it.

We then headed down to My Secret Garden for dinner, which is located at Sculpture Square (near NAFA).

A 'sculpture' (looks more like a mass of metal to us) greets you at the long entrance of the well-tucked away restaurant. The place looks welcoming enough, but the sky was still bright so the ambience wasn't all dim & romantic yet.

My Secret Garden has 3 areas - Main Dining, Courtyard, Celebration Patio.

Daryl reserved seats in the Main Dining, as I didn't want to go al fresco & sweat while I eat. The Main Dining has little square tables laid with a white cloth, & each table has a flickering candle & a red flower. The lights are dim & basked the entire area in a warm, orange glow. Contemporary art adorned the walls, & jazz music played from the speakers.

I wanted soup but their soup of the day was Cream of Carrot. Carrots, ewch. & I wasn't in the mood for Lobster Bisque so we got a starter instead.

The Baked Bruschettas with Cheese were very delicious indeed. The bread was baked to crispiness, the cheese was hot & delicious, & the diced tomatoes were juicy & added a dash of sour to the dish.

I ordered the Crayfish & Scallop Spaghetti while Daryl ordered a Grilled Salmon Steak. The crayfish was quite bland, but it had good texture, but the scallops were very fresh. Each bite was juicy, & you could almost taste the sea. The spaghetti was the right chewiness, not hard, but not mushy either. I remember the pasta I had at Pasta Fresca once & the spaghetti was HARD. The tomato sauce wasn't watery, & there were chunks of tomatoes in it, making the sauce tangy.

I can't comment on the Salmon Steak coz' I'm not a fish person. I had a small bite, & the fish was cooked to the right flakiness, but other than that, I don't know much about fish to comment. Daryl did think it was a tad small though.

Then we had dessert. I had Tiramisu while Daryl ordered their famous Triple Choc with a scoope of Gelare vanilla ice-cream. The tiramisu was smooth & very soft, & it was delicious. But the alcohol got too strong for me towards the end & I gave up, so Daryl finished it for me. But Daryl's Triple Choc was...heavenly. It was warm, the fudge was melted, & it had a slight nutty taste, which wouldn't put off people who don't like nuts. The brownie was soft, & it also had a slightly toasted taste, which complemented the thick chocolate. My teeth sank into it & I was like, 'DAMMIT. I want this.' I basically ignored the ice-cream which I usually would love & kept nicking small bits off Daryl's Triple Choc. It was so good, that I wanted to buy a few home. & great. Now I'm craving for it. & it's so sinful! :( Killed my diet.

Then Daryl bought some funny thingy to stick on his door. So now it seems as if his room is the male toilet. Cute.

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