Thursday, July 19

The funniest shit we've seen in a long long time. By the way, they are actual ads who appeared in the US a few years back. I know that many people are thinking that some Internet loafer has too much time on his/her free hands so I had to clear it up. They are REAL ads which were shown on television.

Quizno's Sub Ad #1.

Quizno's Sub Ad #2.

Quizno's Sub Ad #3.

The original Spongmonkeys.

I don't know whether to be proud or not that Daryl & I know the lyrics to all the three Quizno's ads. We watched each one like 5 times, & still laughed everytime.

They make absolutely no sense, have absolutely no tune, the Spongmonkeys are ugly, but yet, they're surprisingly endearing & the damn jingle is catchy. I mean, look at the crazy eyes the singing Spongmonkey has!

They got a pepper BAR!

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