Sunday, August 19

My bebe turned a spanking 22 yesterday. 22 is isn't it? It's almost as in-between as being 19.

I got him a T-shirt from Freshbox at VivoCity (we went to Sentosa on cloudy Thursday) as his 2nd birthday present.

We went to a Japanese restaurant at Raffles Hotel with his parents, godma & grandma & the food was just so-so. The cod fish wasn't even tender.

Then me & bee went to watch Secret at The Cathay, which turned out to be really good. I cried like crazy towards the end, & bee pushed me away. :( He said I was crazy. But it was so sad. & AFTER the show, everytime I thought about it, I would tear up again. So you know, that's Jay Chou's prowess.

Headed to Junction 8 to look at the Razor Tarantula keyboard (wanted to get him that as his 3rd birthday present & he's really tempted but he thinks it's just pretty & expensive & redundant), & then had dinner at Swensen's. I initially wanted to bring him somewhere nice, like Greenwood Fish Market or Au Petit or The Line but he said he didn't want to have such an expensive meal coz' it's impractical.

Watched Talladega Nights on DVD when we went back to his place, & I loved it. Flimsy plot, but oh hells. I love Sacha Baron Cohen. So charming, so intelligent, so fab with accents, & so self-deprecating. HAHA! Sacha Baron Cohen is pwnsome. Will Ferrell is pretty good too. I'm impressed with him. I saw Stranger Than Fiction a couple of weeks back, & I thought he was really good. I wanna watch Blades of Glory too!

His parents came back, & then his mom told him he had his singlet on inside out. & then his godma & mom were giggling & saying that he 'pulled on that shirt in a hurry'. -_- I was all like, 'But we didn't do anything. :(' Hehe. Brought out the Gelare ice-cream cake, & his dad played him the birthday song on the door bell. Hilarious!

All in all, it was a simple celebration, just like he wanted. Hehe. With his family, & his darling - me!

Anyways, Stephy is the sweetest darling around. On Friday, I sneaked to Plaza Singapura after work to get my bee the Gelare ice-cream cake. Stephy went there to meet me, & then she drove me home so my ice-cream cake wouldn't melt. :) She stayed for dinner & my mommy cooked yummy fish head curry. Hehe. YAY! I heart Stephy. Stephy is so sweet.


Am seeing the precious one tomorrow. :) Am happy. Hehe.

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