Saturday, August 11

Spent National Day at Stephy's place, where we snuggled in bed (sounds lezzy!) & watched A LOT of teevee, while the boys acted like we didn't exist & played HOURS & HOURS of Xbox 360. Had dinner there as well. Boys will be boys. Eargh. They're not concerned at all. We were acting lezzy & going like, 'Don't come innnnn!' & 'We're gonna lock the dooorrr!' &, 'We were making out.' They didn't care less. Phoot. So we took a bunch of lezzy photos (which are yet to be uploaded) & showed them but STILL. They couldn't care less.

Dinner with Mr. Loh at Holland Vi's Crystal Jade was nice. Even though only 3 of my other classmates showed. The rest had work/school. It was just bad timing. But we had fun chatting about Crescent & the other teachers. We reminisced. We laughed. We were amazed & amused by our audacity back then. We're old girls now. We can bitch about them teachers! Hah. & Mr. Loh insisted on paying for our lunch.

Then met up with Danielle, Darrelle, Tiara, Floyd & his 3 friends for Settlers. It was really fun. Although Darrelle didn't like Ugly Dolls coz' she says it's uncivilised & boring so we only got to play that once. & I almost broke the fingers of one of Floyd's friends. Jenga was really entertaining. So was the Adult Charades. It was funny. 'A golfer losing his balls', 'Admiring a butcher's sausage', 'Tickle my fancy'? Love those. Played for about 3 & a half hours & we went for dinner at NYDC. Tiara joined the boys & headed to IndoChine in town while I headed home with Darrelle & Danielle.

Tiara darling, we really should make out sometime soon. Maybe that'll change your mind about you not being into the whole lezzy thing. ;)


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