Sunday, September 9

Watched High School Musical 2, & in all honesty, it isn't as good as the first one. The music isn't as catchy as before, & the storyline isn't as captivating. It all seems very contrived. But heeeeyyyy. Zac Efron is still hot. & I have to tell you this. I officially declare myself a Zac Efron fan, no matter how many times people call him 'Gayface'. I think he's cute & that's that.

I watched Hairspray weeks ago with a VERY reluctant Daryl, & he was uncomfortable with all the squealing & giggling from the theatre (of mostly girls) whenever Zac Efron's handsome mug appeared on the big screen. Yes yes, I was one of them.

SO! & I didn't enjoy HSM2 as much. It could also be the fact that I was highly distracted. Everytime Vanessa Anne Hudgens appeared on screen, my eyes turn glassy & I think of her naked! EWCH. I should, never, have googled the scandal the day before yesterday. That nekkid photo is forever burnt into my memory. & when BOTH Zac Efron & Vanessa Anne Hudgens appear on screen together, my eyes turn glassy again & I imagine them having sex. & I'd be all like, 'WAH LAU! DAMN WRONG LAH! THIS IS A BLOODY DISNEY MOVIE!' Someone slap me please. (The scandal is, of coz', helpfully linked.) But hey, Disney didn't sack her. They actually forgave her & gave her another chance. What big hearts. Altogether now, awwww. Now, isn't that sweet & heartwarming? Pffttt.

But oh, I still love Ashley Tisdale. She has the best comedic timing, & I loved her in The Suite Life. & Lucas Grabeel is growing on me too. He's all gayish with his pink berets & pink piano & jazz numbers but he's amicable. :)

Anyways, it was odd since I was home watching HSM2, while my boyfriend was out playing pool with my brother & my brother-in-law. It's quite funny. It's like, a boys' night out thing for them.

& I saw Ratatouille yesterday with my boyfriend, his mom, his sister, his cousin & her boyfriend, & my brother. Very very odd gathering indeed. ;) The show wasn't FANTASTIC, but I'd say it was good. The lead protagonist - Remy (a rat), is awfully adorable, & he has the most, 'awwwww-inducing' eyes, probably second to Shrek's Puss in Boots. & I loved the friendship between Remy & Linguini. It's really sweet, & heartwarming.

& VivoCity's GVMax is blardy awesome. The seats are plush, plenty plenty leg room, & the seating arrangement is so steep that you don't have to crane your neck when someone sits in front of you. The screen is HUGE-ASS, much larger than the normal screens. & the sound system is fantastic. Of coz', Lido is not even in the same league to even start to compare. I'd NEVER go Lido again.

Had steamboat at Daryl's place yesterday, & my brother was of coz', invited along. He was happy of coz', he got to watch a free movie (courtesy of yours truly) & he had yummy food, & he got to play the Xbox 360. I finished my Grapes of Wrath 115 pages reading while they were playing games. I was really, quite bored to death.

& I'll be bored to death again (dying twice, imagine) tomorrow, & everyday till Thursday. Values & Cultures is the most awesomest module. NOT. It's boring, sleep-inducing, & can you believe it, WORSE than American History. We learnt about communism & utilitarianism, we had to read 'The Communist Manifesto' by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels & actually understand their warped ideals, had to read 'Utilitarianism' by John Stewart Mill & dissect his overly fanciful language, had to read 'Grapes of Wrath' by John Steinbeck, which ain't that bad if not for that Southern slang that you have to read out loud to actually understand. & we have to write philosophy papers. Dammit. Seriously, I write fluff, & I'm happy with writing fluff. Eargh.

But. Am looking forward to going Malaysia with Daryl & his family tomorrow after school. Awesomeeeee.

Ooooh la la. He should just marry Ashley Tisdale & produce good-looking babies for the world. I'd be happy. :D

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