Monday, September 17

I have low tolerance for irresponsibility. Really really low. It's so bad, that I have to bite my tongue sometimes to avoid offending people I actually like and am friends with.

This low tolerance for irresponsibility has always been one thing that drives me. In group work, I would lash out at the freeriders, even finish up their parts if I have to (the poly people would know this). For work (not this current one of coz'), I will be there everyday, no matter how much I hate the job. For school, I'm almost never late. In my entire life, I think I've overslept a total of, 3 days. & those were because I was up late doing work/projects/mugging for exams the night before.

I CANNOT stand irresponsibility. It irks me really bad.

But if there's another thing I can't stand, it's being spoken to condescendingly. It absolutely makes me boil.

Wagging a finger in my face, pointing it really close to my nose, chiding me like a kid who broke a vase, that doesn't go down very well with me.

Yes, I was irate, & was directing my irritation to the wrong people. But hell, if you're mad at an organisation, there is definitely residue anger at people who aid the organisation, no? After all, this is a disorganised, & quite frankly, incompetent organisation.

HOWEVER. I didn't yell, nor did I make scathing remarks. I merely voiced my frustration & said I didn't want to wait, & that I think it isn't fair to make us come back an additional day since it's the tutor's responsibility to show up today.

I did say 'It's ok' when the admin people apologised for this mess. It wasn't their fault. I called out 'thank you' when I left, coz' I knew they were only trying to help.

So. I feel wronged, & extremely annoyed when you had that finger on my nose, telling me that my behaviour was wrong. You make it seem like you're so superior that it's your position to tell me how to behave & how not to behave. It makes me seethe.

& to top it off, when you called me hours later, & I didn't pick up fast enough since I was having lunch, & I had to call you back (which I did immediately after the phone stopped ringing), you blamed me for not picking up the phone in that fucking accusatory tone.

Did it occur to you that I was actually doing something, & probably didn't hear the phone ring for the first 15 fucking seconds or so? It's not like I was deliberately avoiding your call. If I was, I wouldn't have called you back immediately, would I?

Ah. What the fuck.

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