Saturday, September 22

I was in the showers one day, & I had a sudden flash of inspiration.

Ever since then, I feel extremely compelled to carry this out.

I have to...matchmake 2 of my friends. I don't know why. It just occured to me that they're PERFECT for each other. I would absolutely love to see them get together.

The guy is tall & good-looking, intelligent (much more intelligent than the average guy), & he cooks (not fried rice & instant noodles, but complicated stuff that looks exactly as yummy as they are depicted in cookbooks).

The girl is one of my favourite persons in the world (if not, the favourite), extremely cute (pretty if we can get her to wear a skirt/dress), very easy-going, intelligent & has a wicked sense of humour.

They're perfect for each other. Thing is, I'm sure they don't have a lack of suitors.

& they don't even know each other. Hmmm. What can I do?

I bet you're thinking, 'Is it me, is it me?' But none of you will come out & ask because you'll have to admit that you know that good-looking/intelligent refers to you. HAHAHAHA!

Plenty of clues in the descriptions. :)

Edit: & they might actually kill me once they find out.

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