Wednesday, September 26

We've been best friends since we were 14, so that makes 7 years.

She's a diva & a tai-tai.

She asked for a favour, that I advertise her sale on my blog.

& she's also the one buying me Birkenstocks for my birthday next month.

So here I am. :D

She's clearing her wardrobe, & selling them on her LJ. They're mostly new, or only worn once or twice (as Ting is a diva, & usually only wears the same outfit once) so you don't have to worry about faded or frayed clothes.

She's allowing you to quote your own price, so you can possibly get them clothes at a steal! Now, when does that happen? Quote your own price leh! Of coz', you shouldn't act stupid & say, '$2!' for an evening dress. That simply means you're a n00b & ought to be ignored.

Also, these clothes are nice. My Ting is a style-icon ok? So she won't sell you granny pants & dirty flip-flops. On sale are dresses,sassy tops, funky shorts, tunics & a bag. Personally, I think the dresses & tunics are nice.

Ting usually psychos Sam to buy from her, & Sam usually does (resulting in Daryl's frustration at me spending unnecessary money) but this time, Sam is adamant as Sam needs a new laptop in the next 2 months & have to save up a lot of money.

So go people, make Sam happy by spending on her behalf! & in turn, making Sam's best friend happy! :D

To ensure you go there, I've linked EVERYTHING in this entry. You can click on any word & go there! :D Easy-peasy!

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