Monday, October 8

Changed blogskin coz' image disappeared. Yeah, I was a bandwidth thief. :P But the font is kinda small. I feel like I'm going blind.

So. My Saturday, I met these 2 ugly bitches who are lazy asses.

Me & Skye were assigned to do the most tiring zone. I guess no one knew that it would be so tiring, but it turned out to be extremely tiring. We had to squat don't know how many thousand times to pick up the golf ball for the publics. So by the end of 4 hours, we were dehydrated (we only had one short break to get drinks), sweaty, & our muscles were totally defeated. I could hardly bend my knees.

& these 2 bitches were just sitting in their zone under the fan, chatting. & they disappeared to Giant for a long break.

Sensibly, we asked whether they could take over us for a short period while we take a break & they said no.

So of coz' we went to the organiser & asked for a swap. Anyways, there were only 2 hours left to the event & we really wanted to die from all the squatting. So the organiser agreed.

& these 2 bitches gave a lot of excuses, & then they were reluctantly. They slammed the balls around, disappeared for a break, & when they came back, they confronted us & there was a bit of yelling going on.

The uglier & older of the 2 argued in her sad, broken English that we were 'childish', & that they like their station very much. & blah blah blah, that they didn't have breaks, blah blah blah. & then we pointed out that they did disappear for the longest time, & Skye retorted, 'Why would you need breaks when you're just sitting there for 4 hours?' & I said that it's only fair since we're all getting paid the same & we really needed assistance so we asked for help & they refused, so we thought it was fair we swap. & then the ugly face said that she thought Skye & I had something against them from the very start. WTF. & she called us childish! I was like, 'Childish? Who are you calling childish when you guys are REFUSING to work for your money?'

Anyways, after some yelling, & a lot of resistance to slap her ugly face, they did our station anyways, albeit in an extremely buay song manner. & they didn't even pick up the balls or anything. They just stood there & watch the public. How TOUGH can that be?

Really, it's chou ren duo zuo guai (ugly people create the most trouble, translated literally). I curse that they will never find jobs. Or maybe they already can't. Why else would people their age not hold a stable job & do roadshows instead? They must be lazy bums who refuse to work their share. & they can't be models or talents since they're really damn ugly.

Anyways, after the event, Daryl picked us up from VivoCity, & we went to Upper Thomson for prata for dinner. & then back to his place where he watched rugby while Skye & I were just doing our own things, & making a lot of noise.

When we were climbing stairs/sitting down/squatting, we went 'ah ah ahhhhh' & Daryl was like, 'Wah lau, you all old women!'

Then Daryl was a gentleman & sent Skye & I home.

Anyways, that money was hard-earned money. It has been 2 days & my muscles are still achy. Phooey.

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