Monday, October 8

Sam's Coveted List (in order of desirability)
Acer Aspire 5920G-602G16Mn (dad subsidising $1000, I'm paying for the rest)

A nice Canon digi cam, one that has a fast shutter speed. (My lousy shit Konica can't take photos in non-sunlight coz' the image will be super blur thanks to the ONE time I dropped it. So basically, the camera is useless for indoor photos.)

House Season 3 DVD set

House Season 2 DVD set

Black Kimono Birkenstocks (thank you Ting, I is love you VERY much!)

Heroes Season 1 DVD Set

Burberry Brit Sheer perfume (thanks to Daryl's sister!)

A nice new watch (with an analogue face & leather strap)

Ugly Betty Season 1 DVD set

Prison Break Season 2 DVD set

Complete Battlefield Collection DVD

Lost Season 2 DVD set

A 2.5 inch external HDD (preferably 120GB onwards)

Jason Mraz Consonant Ladies T-shirt (Stone) - Mraz store

Jason Mraz College Womens T-Shirt - Mraz store

Jason Mraz Bang Pow Womens T-Shirt - Mraz store

Sims 2 Bundle (I think it comes with Sims 2 Deluxe, & 2 others)

High School Musical 2 Soundtrack

Hairspray Soundtrack

This list, as the title shows, is my coveted list in order of how much I desire them. I know I know, House ranks kinda high on it but I am what Ayu had described me as. A rabid House fan.

If you get me anything off this list, I will express my gratitude & love. You could have a hug (if you're a guy) or a sloppy kiss (if you're a girl). If you're neither, I'll help you get back to your mothership. If you're both, I can recommend a good doctor. Either ways, you get a reward! :D

Alternatively, you can donate to the Get-Sam-the-Acer-Aspire-5920G-Before-Her-Old-Laptop-Dies Fund, or the Get-Sam-to-Oklahoma-So-She-Won't-Have-to-Swim-There Fund, or the Help-Sam-Pay-For-Accomodation-in-Oklahoma-So-She-Won't-Have-to-Be-a-Hobo Fund, or the Feed-Sam-So-She-Won't-Have-to-Eat-Grass Fund. Sam accepts all denominations of - $10 - $1000. Sam will thank you from the bottom of her heart. :D

(I'm serious about the donations!)

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