Wednesday, October 17

The past couple of days have been surprisingly good.

The PR exam turned out to be easier than we thought it to be, & I could answer 90% of the questions quite confidently. So let's hope it all turns out well, & my PR campaign doesn't screw up my grades.

On the contrary, for Advertising, I could only answer 70% or so of the questions. So I hope all's well there.

& of coz', Skye has found Sam a job. It's at the Green Star if anyone's curious. Nope, that's not the name. That's gonna be the name I'm referring to it as.

Yesterday was my first day, & I was quite a nervous wreck. I was worried about being lonely (since Skye's taking the week off to study for her paper), & I was afraid of not coping & many other unfound worries.

But things turned out better than I thought. The part-timers there are 17 - 19 years old, & they're all really quite friendly. I made friends, & I'm happy.

I could cope with the job as it isn't tough, although my non-existent nails gave me a major disadvantage & I was quite flustered when I couldn't get things opened but then, the customers I met yesterday were nice & actually helped me with things I couldn't do. Although it gets a bit boring when there are no customers & we all sit around & stare at the walls. There're no teevees, computers or radios in the office.

But the best thing is, this job is super flexible as well. I can request to not work certain days (of coz', before they plan the weekly schedule), I can even take a whole week off for a break/vacation if I wish, I can swap shifts etc etc. I think this is a job to stick to till next May. & they pay weekly. Sam doesn't have to eat grass anymore! :D

& if we get morning classes for next module, I can even work the half shift from 2.30 PM! Way awesome. MONEYYYYYYYYYY!

& the boyfriend was awesome sweet yesterday. I was messaging him whilst on my job (there were no customers, don't you 'tsk' me!), & he told me that he could come pick me up after my work & we could go to Pastamania for dinner. I didn't ask this of him or anything at all. He said that he wanted to make sure everything's fine on my first day. & so, he followed his parents to work at 5+ (so he doesn't have to take a cab/bus down later to get the car), & stayed there doing nothing till nearly 8, & then drove the car down to my work place.

Alas! Work was supposed to end at 8 but we ended at 9, no thanks to a fussy customer. & my poor boyfriend waited another hour at my workplace. :( Poor thing.

But still, he's so sweet lah! Waited for so many hours, came down all the way just to have a quick dinner with me (& he suggested Pastamania coz' he knows that would make me happy), & then sent me home thereafter. Sweet riiiiggghhhhttt? :) I know. I'm so happeh, & I feel so blessed.

Anyways! Does anyone know how to use PayPal? How the hell do I add funds to it from my bank account?

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