Monday, October 22

Sam ish lousy. After 2 days of very hard work (12 hours each day, standing up, & having one half hour LUNCH break at 5.30 PM), I've fallen quite sick.

I haven't felt like this in the longest time. The nausea, the headache. In between serving customers, I kept running to the toilet but only threw up water. My head was spinning as well so I kept squatting down to stop the world from revolving.

After work, Daryl came by & picked Skye & me up & we went for 'dinner'. I had soup, & some fries I nicked off Daryl. Felt a mite better but in the car on the way to sending Skye home, the nausea started again.

So the journey from Skye's place back to mine was miserable. I was crying throughout the entire journey because I wanted to throw up but couldn't. There were no plastic bags in the car, & I had to hold everything in for the long journey. & my stomach was churning & to make matters worse, I needed to pee real bad. So it was a miserable miserable journey.

Got home, threw up more water, & was still uncomfortable. Dad was going on & on about how the job is horrible, & scolded me for not going for lunch during lunch, & lots more stuff which I have absolutely no control over. Which made me feel worse & I cried somemore. & he said to quit the job. & I was really upset & angry & I was complaining to Daryl (who stayed with me till I felt a bit better) that I would if he wanted to support me but since he hasn't given me a single cent of allowance ever since I graduated from poly, I had to work.

So Daryl left & shortly after, I blew chunks. Which in honesty sounds horrid but in any case, made me feel way better.

So. Yesterday, Daryl made me go out, & I went over to his place. Steph & Mike came over & Mike & Daryl played games, while Stephy & I played games too (Escape from Monkey Island specifically) on her laptop. The entire day. Lol. We ordered Pizza Hut for dinner, which is awesome because it resulted in my sore throat.

Then Daryl's parents came back, we sent Steph & Mike back & headed to pick Daryl's sister up. Headed over to her place to celebrate Daryl's dad's birthday (Happy Birthday uncle!), & I finally got home at 1.30 AM. & oh, Daryl's sister gave me my birthday present. Love the perfume! :D

Woke up with a sore throat & a worsened runny nose, & feeling very lethargic so I had to call in sick. :( Ah wells. There goes my pay.

Am trying to write a mad 10 - 12 page paper on freedom of speech & how it is related to utilitarianism & communism. I've written about 3 pages & I've sorta given up.


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