Tuesday, October 23

Soooo! Hehe. My birthday. It started on Sunday, & I treated my family to dinner at Alexander. The day after, the Tiramisutra cake arrived so Daryl & I came back home after dinner to cut the cake.

Then I met Ting for a quick dinner on Wed (17th). & when I say quick, it's quick. Ting, HongQuan, Daryl & I ate at Choa Chu Kang's Ajisen & we were done in about an hour, & Ting had to leave for tuition. O.o

On my birthday itself, Daryl arrived at my home with a sunflower. Bleargh! Unoriginal! I bought him a sunflower for his birthday last year too! ;) We had some longetivity noodles my mom cooked, & then he brought me to the zoo. I love going to the zoo! & what's more, some nice lady we met told us to buy just one ticket as her pass could bring in 4 people so she offered to bring one of us in for free. Awesome!

We watched a few feedings, & the Splash Safari Show. I LOVE the seals & the otters & the penguines & the meerkats! I wanna bring them home! & the white tigers are oh so handsome! Heart.

Went back to Daryl's place for a while before heading out for dinner at Ang Mo Kio. CRABS! :D Stephy, Mike, James & Fiola came as a surprise. Hehe. Which is funny since I sort of had a feeling that there would be surprise guests but I just didn't know who. Celest & Anais were very apologetic about not being able to make it. Hehe. & I was all like, "Yah lor, you all don't love me already. :'("

We had a yummy dinner - kang kong, deer meat, chilli crabs, butter crabs, man taus etc etc. & the bill was stupendous but they refused to let me pay a cent. :o My boyfriend generously paid for the crabs, while the rest of the bill was split among them & they wouldn't even let me see the bill. -_- & there was a cake & everything, & what's more, it's my favourite - ice-cream cake!

-muah to those who made an effort to come down. & I'm surprised that even James came down (maybe coz' it's near his place)! & Stephy & Mike came down from Pasir Ris, while Fiola lives in far away Boon Lay. Very touched. Thank youuuuu!

& I like the gift they got me! I know, I am just so practical. :D Heart heart heart! Hehe.

& of coz', my dearest darling boyfriend, who's so sweet & he tried his darn hardest to plan everything & I almost ruined it all. I am sowwie. I love you!!!

Ting & me at Ajisen.

My niece looks like a marshmallow.

The flower looks wilted after only a day.

We're Earl.

The meerkats fighting for a chomp off the drumsticks.

A lazy cat.

Heylo there, large snake.

You're listed as the diet of le crocodile.

Thanks for coming down, loves!

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