Monday, November 5

I guess when Sam is all pooped from work on a Saturday night & someone comes along & goes all, "WE'RE HEADING TO A PARTAAAYYYY!", Sam just becomes really mean-spirited.

So there I was, seated on the bus, all tired out from a long day of work (it was the busiest day I've ever encountered at work), when these 2 girls ambled up the bus.

The Asian wore a tight halter, a denim mini & for some reason, had her heels slung around her neck so she was trotting around with barefeet. The Caucasian wore a low-cut top & an illegally short flowy skirt. Both wore thick make-up, presumably heading to/from a wild party (crazy stiff hairsprayed hair, glitter eyeliner, etc etc).

The Asian plopped opposite me & for some reason, I took an immediate disliking to them both.

Of coz', I told myself that's coz' they were both dressed like skanks.

But maybe I was annoyed that I wasn't out partying (not that I like partying but obviously, I'd choose that over work) while they were. & obviously, the fact that they were having a wild time instead of working was so in my face.

& so, I was staring holes at the Asian.

A baby roach caught my eye. It was scuttling close to the Asian's barefeet, but it was moving away from the feet. Could be a case of athlete's foot, I don't know.

Without even really thinking about it, I nudged the roach with my shoe towards the girl's naked feet. & when I actually realised what I was doing, I didn't stop & reproach myself for having such undesirable intentions.

I simply chuckled to myself & continued gently pushing the roach towards the girl's feet.


The roach was probably 3 millimetres from her feet when she stood up & the 2 girls got off the bus.

:( I already had a running picture of the roach crawling over her feet, while she leaps up, screaming her head off. Of coz', as my imagination is really wild, it was a highly exaggerated scenario in my mind, with the 2 girls screaming like headless chickens with their hands cupping their cheeks.

Hmm. I'll probably join Darrelle in hell for this.

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