Tuesday, January 1

I know I haven't blogged properly in a while.

I've had my new laptop for about a month now. I'm still loving it, as it hasn't given me any problems. Not that it should since it's only been a month.

I got it on the first day of Sitex, STUPIDLY. Daryl & I had already made plans to browse on the first day & buy our stuffs on the last day. BUT, for some stupid reason, we listened to the salespeople claims of the possibility that the laptop would be out of stock on the last day. I was hesitant, as I know that the last day would have way better prices. But then Daryl & I figured, uh, what the heck, might as well get it there & then & I could use it.

We didn't open the box to check the laptop & it turned out to have ONE dead pixel on the bottom left hand corner. As I'm fucking anal, I couldn't stand it. I could only go back to exchange it on the last day of Sitex as I had work the next couple of days. In those days, I didn't even use the new laptop coz' I couldn't stand having the dead pixel there.

I went back, got it exchanged although they were reluctant to exchange for me. Apparently, the standard exchange requirement is at least 5 dead pixels. & I was thinking, WTF. Why would anyone want an imperfect product? Made some noise & they changed it for me. We inspected VERY carefully, & lugged it home.

I didn't actually want to look at the price of my laptop on the last day. After all, ignorance is bliss. I've already paid & I didn't want to make myself upset.

ALAS. I accidentally chanced upon a brochure when I got home in the evening. I paid $1998 for the laptop. On the last day, it was &1798. A fucking $200 difference. If it was $50, I wouldn't have been pissed. But I was pissed. & what's more, I paid $200 more when I didn't even use it. Could have easily bought it on the last day as well.
It made me absolutely upset as I forked out about $300 or so to change my Internet service provider (I had to pay $107 to install a cable point, get a new modem at $110 & a new router at $74). That $200 could have helped a lot. I ranted for 2 days. I was ABSOLUTELY upset.

But what's done been done. Damn them fucking salespeople. Damn my fucking weak resolve.

So here it is then:

Aspire 4920G-302G25Mn
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T7300 (2.0GHz, 800MHz FSB, 4MB L2 cache), supporting Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T)
14.1" WXGA Acer CrystalBrite™ colour TFT LCD
ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X2500 with up to 1GB of HyperMemory™
DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer drive (DVD+/-RW)
Dolby®-certified surround sound system with two built-in stereo speakers and one subwoofer supporting low-frequency effects
Dolby® Home Theater™ audio enhancement featuring Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital Live, Dolby® Pro Logic® II, Dolby® Digital Stereo Creator, Dolby® Headphone and Dolby® Virtual Speaker technologies
2.68 kg

Luckily it came with extended warranty from 1 year to 3. Or else I would have killed someone.

The sound is pretty awesome though. I got this instead of the Aspire 5920G-602G25Mn shown in my birthday wishlist as the difference of $400 wasn't worth the better graphics card or the 2.2 GHz. A mite faster, a mite better, not worth $400. & it's way bigger & heavier.

The only game I want to play which requires reasonably powerful graphics is Battlefield 2 & ATI X2500 works fine. :)
& I can cross a laptop amidst other items off my wishlist. :) My boyfriend got me the Battlefield 2 collection the day after the last day of Sitex as a surprise to me. I was out with The Shorties (Val is baaacck) & Daryl insisted on coming down to join us for dinner & drive me home & I was a little suspicious. When I got into the car, he had it on the passenger seat. So sweet! :) He knew I was pissed about the $200 difference in price so he cheered me up!
& my sister got me Heroes DVD as my birthday pres, & I bought House 3 DVD (2 of them, in fact) so most of my wishlist have been fulfilled. Daryl also owes me a digi cam for my birthday (will probably get it during the next IT show) so YAY!
Lectures for Comparative Politics have also concluded, & I'm barely surviving. I HATE it. HATE.
Going out with The Shorties was fun but I don't have the pictures to show for yet! I went out with Awesome 4some before that too & I'm so gonna have those pictures up in a bit.
Christmas was a lot of food, & there was also the party at Steph's house. OMG. I am so backdated!

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