Tuesday, January 1

Random Photos!

At the fish farm. Not many fishies since it was only the beginning...

You see that large one circled in red? I could feel it nipping me!

Christmas meat feast at my place. We have such ugly cutlery.

Roast beef. Which we only get to eat once a year. It's my favourite kind of meat.

My sis made potatoes/asparagus wrapped in streak bacon. Yummy.

Ikea meatballs!

Yummy Japanese steamboat for Christmas lunch at Daryl's sister's place.

Look at the spread!

Baby deciding to cook for me one day.

Our 'breakfast', during lunchtime.

We've been having quite a few Krispy Kremes since months ago. I can't tell you the name of our secret supplier.

Out With The Shorties!

One of our most subdued sessions. (Collage courtesy of Val)

Dinner at Thai Express at Paragon. (Collage courtesy of Val)

Out With Awesome Foursome
(without Tiffy who was busy with her buildings)

My belated birthday gift!

Awesome dessert at NYDC. It's our new favourite.

My crazies!

We see youuu!

Me in straight-jacket, while Farna as bomb-hair. :P

About to burst out laughing!

Just a little something I wrote in Carl's Jr. I'm Carl's Sr.

It has been a fulfilling month indeed. I got to see my Awesome Foursome, The Shorties is finally reunited & I got to spend quality time with my baby!

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