Thursday, February 28


Loads to blog about! & MILLIONS OF PHOTOS.

I'll probably separate them into different entries.

Today, it'll be about the ZOO TRIP a month & a half back. Daryl & I brought my baobei to the zoo, & he is the adorable-st! Smart, cheeky & just so damn cute! It was tiring though. It was hot, he refused to sit in his pram much, so there was a lot of chasing & grabbing. Lunch was also messy, & his whole face was smeared with cheese. During the animal show he wasn't interested in, he kept randomly squealing & I had to cover his mouth, which amused the people sitting around us.

But it was fun. He was so excited about ALL the animals. Zebras, lions, tigers, polar bears, monkeys, crocodiles, meerkats, otters, seals, rhinoceroses, pigs, ostriches, hippopotami etc. But the one animal he kept going back to was the giraffe. For some unknown reason, he seems to be drawn to them.

& it was so sweet to see my boyfriend handle a kid so well. He was NEVER impatient. He carried the toddler, fed him little chunks of chicken for lunch, played with him, & was just FABULOUS with the kid. Makes me really happy.

On the way there in a cab.

Daryl & I love the meerkats.

His favourite animal ever.

The messy meal in KFC.

After a change of clothes. Coz' he was really dirty after the meal.

Disturbing the peace of everyone else during the animal show.

He loves me!

So brave, my young one.

The gorgeous white tiger.

Pose #1

Pose #2

Pose #3

Pose #4

Altogether now!

As you can probably tell, this trip was about him more than it was about the animals.

My baobei will be attending childcare from next week onwards, so tomorrow is his last day.

My heart is broken. :(

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