Thursday, February 28

Valentine's Day 2008!

It's our 4th Valentine's Day together. Ain't it sweet?

Well, we decided not to get each other stuff since we are trying really hard to save up for our upcoming U.S. trip in April. Nonetheless, we celebrated in style. We booked a table for lunch at The Line at Shangri-La.

Picked me up in the morning, & guess what? A tyre busted. We pulled over along the expressway, & he tried to fix it. But it's his virgin experience at changing tyres, & a motorist stopped & helped us. Some towtruck came as well, as the highway patrol had alerted them about a vehicle along the shoulder of the expressway.

We fixed it after 45 minutes, & paid the man $30 instead of the $50 we would have paid the towtruck. What a start.

Headed back to his place, & he showered & changed into something appropriate for a place like The Line. :P

Took a cab down, & were a tad early but we were all antsy & excited. I've heard so many rave reviews about the place, & we have been DYING to try it out ourselves.

& it didn't disappoint.

The Line has a sleek & chic setting, not romantic, but stylish & charming. We didn't know where to start. There was dimsum in those little baskets, Italian food, a Japanese counter dishing out fresh cuts of raw fish & sushi, an Indian section, a Chinese section where they made laksa or fishball noodles & roasted pork/chicken, the seafood section with huge mounds of scallops, crabs, prawns & oysters on ice, & the dessert. OH, HEAVEN. There were pretty cups of puddings of all kinds, glistering cakes, wobbling jellies, tubs of tantalising ice-cream with a shockin variety of toppings, & a wondrous chocolate fountain.

We took everything in moderation, as we wanted to try EVERYTHING. But of coz', we're so not worthwhile to bring to such buffets as we don't dare to eat RAW food. So we didn't touch the oysters or the sashimi, which were the food worth the price. & Daryl doesn't take seafood. I tried their crabs & prawns through, & the crabs were so fresh, I could taste the sea. Which I didn't like, as it was overly fishy & salty.

But the cooked food was awesome. We had dimsum, satay, laksa, beef medallions, cooked scallops, pizza, beef stew, sushi, roast lamb, crabs, & a hell lot of dessert. I even had the guts to try raw tuna, which turned out DELISH. There was ratatouille, but it looked like mashed brinjals so we skipped it.

Dessert! A mad dash, & we came back with strawberries in coated chocolate, a chunk of fudge cake, tiramisu, raspberry pudding, & ice-cream. By then, we were so freaking full.

My darling was so sweet, & he paid for the atrocious buffet. Atrocious in price, but definitely well worth it. :) :) So sweet lah.

Can't remember how the rest of the day went but it was nice. I remember playing some board game...hmmmm, my mind is a little fuzzy about that. But it was sweet, & I enjoyed myself tremendously in my baby's company.

The peektures!

Totally flat.

Completely busted.

Breaking out the new dress.

Hiding behind.

Lobby of Shangri-La.

Dimsum corner.

Indian delights.

Chinese food.

Fresh seafood...from the sea.

He's spontaneous! Buy 4D!


I want one.

Flavorful ice-cream.


More toppings.

Somemore toppings!

Our yummy dessert.

Happy face.

Darling's happy face.

So sweet, you. THANK YOU!

I lub yew deep deep deep.

Thanks for everything you have given me, my precious one.

I know I've let you down a couple of times before, & you're finding it difficult to trust me. But just give me one last chance to prove it to you.

I do love you, very very much indeed. So much so that the idea of us not being together hurts more than anything else in the world.

You know that.

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