Monday, April 28

I was speaking about my beloved laptop in my previous post.

& I lost my beloved laptop, most probably at LAX. I almost died. It's a relatively new laptop (bought only in November), & it was my most prized possession. It was the MOST expensive thing I own. I cried so much the entire first night here. :( :( But Daryl was the sweetest & he was very very consoling. Said it's only monetary & can be replaced, etc etc. We're gonna try calling LAX today (didn't call on Saturday & yesterday since the Lost & Found Dept. office isn't open on weekends) & asking about it. I JUST hope I did forget about it at the security check at LAX. At least there is a slim chance that it'll still be there. The journey was about 35 hours all in all, & we didn't sleep much (I couldn't find a comfortable position at all, & slept probably 2 hours unlike Daryl who knocked out for like 6 or 7 hours on the flight from Hong Kong to LA). I guess that's part of the reason why I left it behind. :( Lack of sleep, too many items, & a lot of rushing around.

My parents were very nice about it. I was so worried, but they were so nice. Mom says she wouldn't kill me since I paid for the laptop myself (through birthday money), & dad says that there's no use being sad about it since it's gone. Now I'm homesick.

The weather here is very cold. The wind chills to the bone, & I only brought 2 pairs of jeans. I can feel the cold permeates my skin. I'm going to die. & I'm still jetlagged. We've been sleeping at 9 or 10 PM but still waking up tired & falling asleep at 3 or 4 PM. -_-

It's 6.47 AM here right now (13 hours behind Singapore). Gonna head for breakfast soon, & then off to classes we go.

I miss my laptop. :( :( Everytime I think of my laptop, I feel a pang of pain. It's like my most baobei item I have! Sigh.

Edit: The news just showed that the temperature here in Oklahoma this morning reaches an all-time low for Spring. Fuck.

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