Friday, May 2

The weather isn't as cold as it did a couple of days back. It has been hot, hot, hot. The sun beats down relentlessly, but we narely break a sweat thanks to the low level of humidity. But it's so dry, a few of my friends have had nose bleeds. I even managed to wear a skirt & spag top today instead of wrapping myself up in jeans & jackets.

I'm aching all over though. We're having this Wellness class (it's ironic that Oklahomans are teaching us about health & nutrition), & it's ALMOST like P.E. We had to run a mile a couple of days back. & today, we did weights, sit-ups, push-ups, leg presses, pull-ups etc etc. & we played a lot of basketball on our own accord too. So I've had muscle soreness for the past couple of days, & I'm pretty sure it'll last till the day after at the very least with today's work-out.

I haven't even hit the showers yet, & here I am blogging. Daryl & I are waiting for dinner, kindly sponsored by Jolene's room. Well, technically, we have to pay an 'entrance fee' but hey, it's chicken curry & we're desperate! We're so desperate, we went to this corner Chinese 'restaurant' (it was tiny & stifling) & the Chinese food was horrible. Daryl wanted to burn the place down. It's been burgers & hot dogs & pizza & sandwiches. :( Breakfast has been the same, EVERYDAY. I'm sick of it already.

Daryl is watching the news, & it's a coverage on an upcoming storm in Oklahoma. Huge dark clouds, moving at high velocity. There's even a hail warning. Damn.

Sweet nibblets! The reporter just said that he would 'be shocked if it doesn't produce a tornado in the next 20 minutes'. I'll have my camera ready, & my fingers crossed that it'll be a small one.

By the way, AWESOME NEWS! My laptop is safe & sound, in the hands of TSA in LA. :) I'm gonna authorise Stephanie's friend (who lives near LA & works in LA) to collect it from me. I doubt that TSA will hold it for me for long, since I only head to LA in 2 & a half weeks. But at least it's not gone! :) :)

Alright, I'm gonna go watch the news now. Ciao!

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