Friday, May 2

We're still watching Storm Tracker on Channel 4 News. & the tornado is visible as it is forming a rotating funnel. But it's in Midwest, which is away from us. But then again, tornadoes travel at amazing speeds. & we just heard a loud alarm, which was probably the tornado alarm. Storm Tracker has already asked residents of Midwest to stay away from windows & prepare to take their positions.

Funny conversation -

Me: Hey, Midwest is not that far from here. It can reach us in minutes.
Daryl: -points- Hide under table.
Skye: Can I hide in the bathroom? Then can shower.
Daryl: Caaaan. Then if anything happens, you'll be naked.
Skye: O.o

& we're excitedly watching the news, & peeking out the windows every few seconds, expecting something to happen. We're just so bloody evil.

(It's so strange. There the news is, going on about tornadoes & hail storms, & we looked out of one window & the sun shone in brightly, blinding us. We looked out another window & even though there were a couple of dark clouds, there was...a rainbow. LOL.)

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