Monday, May 5

Shopping actually makes me happy. Well, 2 FULL days of shopping.

How can you not be happy when you have lots & lots of new clothes to wear? :D

Grapevine Mills (in Dallas, Texas) is honestly the best shopping mall ever. I bought a hell lot of stuffs - 3 Hollister tees, 1 Hollister dress, 1 Abercrombie suede skirt, 1 Abercrombie tee, 2 little dresses for my niece from Gap, ALL under US$100. Woohoo!

& yesterday, I spent another US$100, on way lesser stuffs. 3 Hollister tees (only 1 is for myself), a dress from Aeropostale, & 2 pairs of leggings.

Daryl is a new Hollister convert too. He got 2 tees from Hollister, & a proper long-sleeved shirt from there too.

Hollister is seriously awesome. The whole place has a surf appeal, dim & it smells nice. Like Abercrombie. Because I did see the staff in A&F spraying perfume on the clothes. LOL.

The only 3 items in the GIGANTIC Forever 21 in Grapevine Mills that appealed to me were all too big on me. :( I didn't find ANYTHING I like in Wet Seal. Nor did I find anything I like in American Eagle. Ditto for Old Navy. Poo.

& the weather here is seriously bad for my skin. My feet are dry. FEET! Wth. I didn't know that can happen.

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