Thursday, May 8

Supposed to go to Quail Springs Mall yesterday, which was near a Krispy Kreme. That's the only trip Daryl was looking forward to. He has been waiting for his Krispy Kremes ever since we got here, & the nearest Krispy Kreme is 6.14miles away(the one near Quail Springs). So, he prepared lots of money for his Krispy Kremes (he was going to buy 2 weeks' worth), & the weather decided to rebel against him, not unlike in Singapore.

So, after classes, we were stuck in the school hallway for a while because there was a T-Storm Warning which killed power & damaged properties in lots of places. We ran to our bus, & was told the trip was cancelled due to the T-Storm.

Daryl was so upset. & then we went back to our room & watched the news & it seemed that the storm was raging real bad over Quail Springs Mall. We could have been stuck there if we went ahead anyways.

Oh wells. No Krispy Kremes. Have to wait till LA. & then again, the nearest Krispy Kreme near our hotel in LA will also be 6 miles away. But by then, he'll have a rented car to drive around. :)

Long school day today. Till 8.30 PM today. :(

(Going to have our boring breakfast now. I'll probably just drink juice. That's how sick I am of their breakfast.)

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