Monday, May 12

I am thoroughly sick of people taking out their anger on me.

I've always tried being a good friend to everyone, & I hardly lose my temper unnecessarily at friends, unless it's a major situation.

But really, taking your anger out on me makes me feel dispensable, being nice to me only when I'm needed & being rude to me just because someone else made you mad.

I think it's only fair that I'm treated with as much respect as I treat others. It's not the first time this has happened, & it makes me feel stupid, like I'm at fault even though I have done nothing to you. FYI, I'm not a punching bag.

I'm always laughing it off when people say insensitive/rude things & hurt me. They may say it jokingly, but it still bites sometimes. But I don't show them that I'm hurt. I laugh along, even though I AM hurt. Maybe that's why I'm such an easy target.

I think I'm always just waving things off when such stuffs happen. But I think it has happened one too many times. Getting my head bitten off twice in 2 days for no reason at all - by 2 different people no less, although one apologised yesterday - is just absurd.

I think it's about time people realise that I have feelings too. Not someone for them to lash out at when they're in a bad mood, & then come making up to me when their mood turns for the better. What am I? Someone to be kicked around?

I don't have to deal with this too, you know.

Call me juvenile or whatever pleases you. I can be non-juvenile if I want to, but why be so serious when it was an initially light-hearted situation we were in? Yeah, whatever. I guess I'll just not speak at all. Maybe that WILL make you happy.

Treat others how you want others to treat you, no?

Maybe I don't need anyone.

Like I told Daryl, as long as he doesn't treat me as his punching bag, I'm happy, & he'll be all I need.

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