Monday, May 26

I'm back home!


I had my first lunch back here, which was fried hokkien mee + carrot cake + beancurd. Yum.

Supposed to head to Daryl's sister's place for shabu shabu (which I miss so much!) but I was too tired. So I had dinner at home, which was nice too! Steamed fish! Winter melon soup! Stir-fried veggies! Fried tofu! Muahahahahahaha!

But it'll take me a while to get over my jetlag. I went to bed at 8.30 PM, slightly after dinner, & woke up at 2 AM, wide awake. So I forced myself back to bed. I think I'll start falling asleep at 3 PM everyday since it'll be 12 midnight in LA at that time. Bah.

Anyways, I've mostly unpacked - but my room is still a mess with random paper bags everywhere so I'll go clear those up.

Photos will be up - as soon as I can get my lazy bum moving.

Ting, I've got your baaaaaaaggggg!

Vidz, I've got your birthday prezzzziiieeee! :D

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