Thursday, May 22

Today, we headed to Santa Monica & Venice Beach, hoping to get some sun.

Instead, we braced the wind & walked & endured the sand storms & the millions of sand grains hitting my bare legs & hurting like needles being thrown at you.

We didn't stay there long of coz'. I was freezing & hurting & sand got into my ears & eyes & mouth. :(

Walked a little along Third Street Promenade, but we didn't buy anything. The stuffs here ain't cheap. The clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch are probably US$10 more than those in Oklahoma's A&F. Oh, but the A&F at The Grove is the coolest. It's 3 levels, & there is a lift - operating solely for the store!

Disneyland was fun. We got to catch the Parade of Dreams which was gorgeous. One whole day was barely enough for both the Adventure Park & the Theme Park. But Jolene was just so funny. We kept tricking her onto those thrill rides which she doesn't enjoy. & she kept thinking these real people in a restaurant (we could see the patrons on a ride) were fake, & she kept going, 'But they look so real! WOW!' & even after we said, 'Eh look, they're waving back at us!' & 'That restaurant is pretty expensive', she still thinks they're fake. LOL.

So, we're heading to Universal Studios tomorrow. So exciting! :D :D

Grumpy at Santa Monica Beach. :(

Place is so pretty though!

At the soon-to-be-retired Santa Monica Pier.

At Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Daryl & his piece of Berlin Wall at Ripley's.

Having yummy dim sum in Chinatown.

Being silly in Disneyland.

A rotund Elvis kissing me - without my permission! -_-

Quite a nice peek taken at The Grove.

Ok, enough of random photos! They're not even in chronological order.

Am happy today coz' I bought Jason Mraz's new album - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. Happy happy. :D

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