Sunday, June 15

Spain won, Spain won! & the score is exactly what I predicted 2 hours before the match. I was telling my brother, 'Guess what the score is gonna be? I'm thinking 2-1.' Da-yum! I should have placed a bet on that score.

But I sure didn't expect that last goal from Villa, which came at the 92nd minute. One minute before the final whistle! Talk about a close shave. Whew. But it was a pretty awesome goal. Villa managed to skip past a defender, & the ball tucked into the bottom right hand corner of the net. & I was worried his silly finger fracture (it's a really silly story of how he fractured the finger) would affect his game. He was barely noticeable in the first half! & he's the guy who scored the hat trick against Russia! But he's really the man of the moment. Golden boot, golden boot!

& somebody should go kick Silva. He didn't shoot when it was an almost-open goal. He actually passed back. I wanted to wring his neck. It could have easily went in. & Ramos! Ramos' mistake conceded Sweden's goal. Although my brother insisted it was Ibrahimovic's individual brilliance which resulted in the equaliser.

Now, when Spain beats Greece next week & tops the group with 9 points, then they don't have to play the winner of Group C (probably Netherlands). & that makes me happy because Netherlands is crazy good & I don't want Spain to be kicked out in the quarter-finals. With Spain's weak defense (there was virtually no defense after Puyol was subbed), Netherlands could go on a goal-scoring rampage. So if Spain plays the runner-up of Group C (not-determined yet, & still is open to the other 3 teams - Romania, Italy & France), then Spain has a better chance of winning & advancing into the semi-finals. :) Awesome. I've got it all thought out.

The referee seemed unfair against Spain. I figured that the Swedish must have bribed him with their Swedish meatballs. Wait, that sounds gay. Say it again. Meatballs. HAHAHAHA! Anyways, aside from the free kicks awarded to Spain, he denied Villa a rightful penalty at the end of the first half. Also, he gave Marcheno a yellow card when it was the Swede who dived from the back & crashed into Marcheno. & then there was the blowing of the whistle to signify half-time when Spain was in an attacking position (& had a very good chance too)! Wth. Srsly. I hope to never see him again.

& this win over Sweden makes all the difference in the world. It's the difference between 1 point & 3 points. YAY! Although I still hate you, Luis Aragones. & I will always hate you for being nasty about Raul, & not letting him (& Guti) play in this tournament. I. Hate. You.

Quote Luis Aragones:

"Do you know how many World Cups Raul's been to? Three. And, do you know how many Euros he's been to? Two. Three and two, that's five. Tell me how many he's won. None."

Raul is not a fucking team! He's a player! Granted, he's captain but HELLO! You can't blame an entire loss like that on one person! What about the coach? The manager? The defense? The goalkeeper? The playmakers? Blaming everything on Raul is silly. & even though he proved Luis wrong & showed that he still can perform by becoming the top scorer for Real, Luis didn't even retract what he said & still insisted that Raul is past his prime. He's probably the most hardworking & loyal player, ever. He's a work-horse! So full of anger now. & Guti. He's on form, come on. & Luis Aragones lets some personal grudge thing cloud his judgement, & disallow a very good player to play for his country. Awesome professionalism.

& if non-soccer fans find the above gibberish, then I'll add something you may understand.

Sam went to Suntec today. Sam & Daryl met Sam Toh for lunch. The three of them went to the PC Show & squeezed with the crowd. Then they cursed at the crowd. Sam bought a pink portable HDD from Western Digital. Sam thinks it's relatively cheap as it's $130 for 250GB. However, Sam's bank account will be reduced to a negative amount when she pays her credit card bill, which should be coming really soon. Sam & Daryl had an early Father's Day celebration with her family, eating at some Teochew restaurant. Daryl hardly ate since he didn't dare try most of the foods. Sam's dad likes the leather belt she bought him.

Don't ask why I'm writing in the third person. It's 2.20 AM. I've been sick for a couple of days, & sleep-deprived for about an entire week. All is forgiven. :)

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