Sunday, June 22

Today has been a Mraz day.

There I was in my work chair, dreading work, when I heard something which was sunshine to my ears.

Amidst the chatter, the buzzing of the industrial vacuum cleaner, the rustling of papers, I heard a little ditty which sounds oh-so-familiar. I glanced up at the teevee, & saw a guy in a funny hat strumming a guitar & singing.

I got up, dashed into the office yelling, 'SOMEONE HAND ME THE HUBSTATION REMOTE NOW NOW NOW!' Someone fearfully handed the magical box over & I hit the 'rewind' button, & oh, there it is! My Jason Mraz singing 'I'm Yours' ever so earnestly.


Seems like Channel Newsasia was merely making a news update on Singfest 2008.

I went back to my seat slightly cheered up, & then I heard it again. I repeated my mad dash, & Rachel followed after me, dead amused.

The newscaster was...reviewing...We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. So there was this pretty lengthy segment of Mraz in his little straw hat loving the guitar & the microphone. & I stood in front of the teevee with a stupid grin on my face.

Later on at night, baby called me from the Gramophone at Cathay & it appears that they were playing the album too! I could heard 'If It Kills Me' in the background. & I was all like, 'YES YES MORE EXPOSURE ON J.M. PLEASSSSEEEEEE!' :)

His album just gets better with each spin. It's been more than a month & it's still on repeat mode. It just gets better.

& dilemma! Should I pay $200 to watch Jason Mraz perform at the Singfest? I've e-mailed his agency here in Singapore asking how many sets Jason Mraz will be playing but there's no reply. If he's gonna play 1 song & split, I really don't think I'll pay $200 for that. I'd rather stalk him. LOL.

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