Monday, August 25

Need to rant. It gets a little incoherent.

I had to bite the inside of my cheek so hard to prevent my outburst. I just kept silent, & showed my displeasure subtly through slamming the wardrobe, knocking things about & muttering angrily in my room. It's not to SHOW you that I'm displeased, it's for me to vent my frustration.

First, I'm fucking 22. Give me a break. I spend 2 or 3 full days a week with Daryl, & the rest of my week working. It's ONLY 2 days. It's not fucking everyday.

Secondly, I'm STILL back before midnight. What's the problem? I'm sticking to your goddamn ridiculous rules as I don't want conflicts, & now you're making things EVEN more ridiculous than it already is.

Why can't I come back after dinner at 6 when I go out?

FIRST, nobody eats dinner at 4 plus, & leave for home at 5+ to get home by 6. SECOND, it's plain ridiculous. The only few days I get to go out in a week & you only allow me to be out like a few hours? THIRD, I'm like the last 22 year-old I know who ALREADY tries to make it home by midnight every time I go out. FOURTH, I left the fucking house today at 2.30 PM. 2.30 PM, ok. HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO BE HOME AT 6? By the time I got to J8, it was 3.30 PM. So what, 1 & a half hour & I come home? THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD I GO OUT FOR? MIGHT AS WELL STAY AT HOME & BE A FUCKING HERMIT RIGHT?

I think my mom has another motive for me to stay home. When I stay home, I'll take initiative to vacuum for her. But she'll take advantage & make me do EVERYTHING. When I'm home, she calls for me every few minutes or so. Help her wash the dishes. Help her wash the toilets. Help her wash the fans. Help her clean the windows. Help her take care of my niece. Help her do the laundry. & it's just like that, the WHOLE entire day. I'll be supremely irritated if I sit down at my laptop or something, made myself comfortable & in like 10 minutes, she calls for me again.

& that's not deterring me from staying at home. I like staying at home. & if I don't have to fucking work, I'll stay home like 3 or 4 days a week. I like to do my own things. Surf the net aimlessly. Watch tv. Read a book. Play with my niece.

BUT I HAVE TO FUCKING WORK. That's why they don't see me much & like to assume I'm out everyday, when they know DAMN WELL that I'm working. Well, if they want me at home, they can bloody support me financially. Then I'll stay home half the week. You think I like work? If I have people supporting me financially like so many of my other friends do, I won't fucking work. Who bloody likes to work in a mundane job? & I was working AND juggling my studies AND juggling my social/love life at the same time. I was one of the ONLY ones working while studying. & I still manage to do well academically. Instead of being proud of my achievement (or at least my time management), you still chide me over the most childish reasons.

Thanks mom, for calling me useless the other day when I needed to leave the house early & couldn't vacuum for you. When I do it without you asking on days I stay home. Of course, you take everything for granted & don't appreciate it when I do things for you.

This is just so fucking ridiculous.

& Andre said they'll give me a free rein when I started in poly. That was 5 fucking years ago.

If anything, they had just got worse with the curfew. It was midnight, now they're expecting me to be home at 6 PM.

Wtf. Seriously, that's IMPOSSIBLE. So I'll give it no shit. & if they rant again, I'll fucking explode on them.

Having financial problems is bad enough. Worrying about my future career is doubly worse. Having you guys on my case is just INTOLERABLE.

(& it's not like I hate them. I love them, but they're just ridiculously over-protective & traditional & conventional & uptight.)

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