Saturday, September 20

So Daryl & I were in Ang Mo Kio, waiting for the bus when this young couple were leaning against a pillar at the bus-stop.

This young, amorous couple, who just can't seem to stop nuzzling & kissing.

& they were in school uniform. The boy was wearing shorts, so he's from lower secondary, probably 13 or 14.

He had his bloody name tag on, & he's a councillor.

He was sort of pinning the girl to the pillar.

& I was just so dang amused. Throughout the 10 minutes we were waiting for the bus, they kept going at it. Non-stop. & we stared & stared.

& Daryl was so amused, & he went & stood RIGHT next to them. & they went on, oblivious to the world. Then the bus-stop emptied out & they went to have a seat, & continued their VERY pubic display of affection.

We were standing behind them then. & we were blatantly staring. But no, they were getting so hot & heavy, they didn't even noticed 2 pairs of eyes boring into their backs.

Passengers on the buses that went by stared. But they were in their own world.

Then we observed something odd. The guy was the one who kept nuzzling & kissing her. & he kept wanting to press his pre-pubescent lips to the girl. I saw the girl flinch a couple of times, when he was too insistent.

Daryl said that the girl would probably dump him, & not the other way round. I was like, "Yeah, all he wants is to make out!"

& I said "I have a good mind to write to the school."

& he asked whether I minded seeing them like this.

& I said, "No, but if he wants to do it, he shouldn't be wearing his name tag. So stupidity deserves to be punished."

I tried to take a video of them at the bus-stop but the guy's face was blocked by the girl most of the time since they were busy kissing.

Then we boarded the same bus! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I should have let them board first so we could sit near them, but we didn't.

They weren't as amorous as they were at the bus-stop but they were still nuzzling...ears, neck, etc. I was sitting too far away to get a good video. D:

Then the guy pressed the bell & Daryl showed a look of disappointment! HAHA. Which was hilarious. I didn't know he could be so kaypoh.

I was like, "I bet her parents are not home or something, & they're going back to pick up whatever else can't be done in public."

To our surprise, the guy alighted but the girl alighted a stop later. & we were like, "OMG THEY STAY SO NEAR EACH OTHER! So convenient!"

Daryl said if we had alighted first, he would have commented to the young couple.

& we came up with things to tell them.

"Hey, thanks for putting up such a great show!"

"-looks at his name tag- Hey, that was entertaining, -says his name-! Thanks!"

"Whoa, man. That was awesome. Keep your eyes out for it in YouTube!"

"Are you sure she's legal? You can't be too careful, you know?"

"TSK. Get a room, kids."

"You might want to try removing your name tag the next time round."

"She doesn't seem to like it as much as you do. Stop bothering her, you horny bastard."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pre-pubescent kids with too much hormones.

We are so bloody nosy.

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