Wednesday, October 15

Farna: (In a bid to ignore Vidz) Look, such a nice banana!
Us: What banana?
Farna: There!
Us: It's a BOAT lah!
Vidz: Farna is a failboat!

Tiffy: We go kayaking one day k?
Vidz: Ok ok, but where to rent?
Me: We can borrow Farna's failboat!

Tiffy: (toying with Farna's clutch) Eh, why wouldn't it close?
Farna: Ah, you must say the password.
Tiffy: -whispers to clutch- Farhana's a bitch.
(manages to close the clutch)
Tiffy: See, your pouch hates you too!

Our repetitive conversation about a specific dish at the restaurant we were dining at:

Farna: Whoa, very spicy.
Me: But it's nice!
Vidz: (eats the chicken) Really very spicy!
Tiffy: But it's nice!
Me: Wah, really quite spicy leh.
Farna: But it's nice!
Vidz: Why is our conversation so strange?

Upon arriving at Little India:

Farna: Whoa, I totally don't know this place.
Me: Yah, I feel like I'm in a different country.
Vidz: (confidently) Follow me!
-Farna & I follow silently for 3 seconds-

At dessert place:

Tiffy: Hey, go look at the cakes & choose two ok?
-Farna, Vidz & I obediently left to view the display & return-
Vidz: Ok, we have chosen the Citron Tarte & the Strawberry Shortcake.
Tiffy: Ok!
-proceed to take photos & chat for 10 minutes or so-
Farna: EH!
Me: What?
Farna: What are we waiting for ah?
Vidz: OMG! We haven't ordered!

We are such kukus.

I heart my Awesome 4some, & the non-stop food outings we always end up on.

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