Thursday, October 9

So, I must be nuts.

I was on the bus this morning, on my way to work, when 2 extremely random words popped into my head.

& then, they just would not leave me alone.

David Mitchell's voice (yes, the voice in my head is still his, bless his crisp British accent) boomed in my head, "LEPRECHAUN!"

& just when I was wondering what those green imps (they're green in my opinion coz' they're Irish) have to do with me, Mitchell's voice boomed deeply once more. "LEXICON!"

So now these 2 words just keep repeating themselves in my head. It's like, "LEPRECHAUN LEXICON", "LEPRECHAUNLEXICON", "LEPREXICON", or something like that. For the whole entire day. It's very distracting.

& it makes absolutely no sense at all. Except that they rhyme & they are both from the 'L' family. -_-

I am completely nuts. All kinds of nuts. Cashew to macademia.

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