Tuesday, October 28

Today, I was pleasantly surprised.

Siew Ting (my ex-colleague, who is now working full-time at another company) came down to see Wilson (my current colleague + Siew Ting's boyfriend), & she suddenly passed me this adorable package & said it was my birthday present.


First of all, my birthday was the week before last so I'm not expecting anything else (although I know Darrelle & Skye are getting/have gotten me something since Darrelle was so close to blurting it out).

Second, I don't hang out after work with my colleagues, so we're not as close.

I was closer to Siew Ting before she got together with Wilson, as we always had lunch together & we would tell each other little bits of our personal lives.

But after she got together with Wilson, we didn't have much of an opportunity to hang out or chat much.

I really like that girl too. She's super pretty, & she's very sweet. I call her 'mei nu' excitedly everytime I see her & she will flush & tell me to stop calling her that.

& I'm surprised that Wilson has a share in this. He's the poker-faced guy, who is the boss of us. He's like the mother goose, in charge of our schedules, behaviours, work hours, & the one people run to since he knows everything. & did I mention he's poker-faced?

He doesn't smile or speak much, but when he's in a VERY good mood, he'll tell jokes with his deadpanned voice & trademarked poker-face.

So I was super touched & surprised when she passed it to me & pointed at Wilson & said the present is from both of them.

My colleagues are the people I least expect anything from!

Cute packaging. See those pleats & bow? A for effort. :)

Abercrombie shirt! I heart! With many hearts. I love the grey moosies at the side. Siew Ting shops online quite a bit. :)

Jian An made this for me last week. So cute! It's a dog! I like it, & it's hanging off my phone now.

HAHA. Although I really can't imagine a little ah beng (albeit with a heart of gold) making this. Funneh.

So all in all, even though I injured TWO fingers today (I slammed a drawer on my pinky & now it's a tad swollen & bruised, & punched a staple into my other finger), I had a pretty nice day. :)

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