Friday, October 31

Belated birthday celebrations:

Lunch with my BFF. She brought me to this cafe at Palais Renaissance, & the bill came up to $36 for myself. :o That damn smoothie which didn't even taste that good! But the pasta was nice though.

& she said I ought to go out with her more often so she can bring me to places which serve good food & I was like, "I would love to, but Daryl would ask me where I spent all my money on & I'd say, 'food'."

We then went Agnes B. to browse, coz' I wanted to look at that bag that I like. It was out of stock though. Island-wide. D: & it's $195, which is cheaper than I'd assumed, but still an expensive bag. & what's more, like Ting said, it's so common now.

Then we went to look at make-up & chatted for a long long while. We seriously can talk about anything. That's why she's my BFF. :)

Then, headed to Tiong Bahru for steamboat with Darrelle & Skye, & Daryl came down after work to join us! Wheeee! I have steamboat cravings quite often now. They're like consistent pangs that I have to satisfy. I'm neurotic.

& like, the steamboat is in the most ULU place ever.

But the food was good! Basically, you order from the menu, & they come in little trays. There was variety, the soup stocks were yummy, the chilli was good, & the meats were fresh. Especially the beef, which were nicely marbled and thinly sliced, perfect for steamboat.

Skye had like 4957352419 trays of beef. I was afraid they would run out of beef & she would turn cannibalistic.

Skye refused to have her photo taken coz' she was makeup-less & she looked quite shagged.

So I took photos of their boobs instead.

The never-ending trays of raw food.

This is Darrelle, extremely amused that I'm decorating my own card. Apparently, they were sick of decorating so Skye suggested I decorate the envelope myself. -_- So pathetic right?

& I didn't even know she was posing for the camera. BAH. & they wrote the card IN FRONT of me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Darrelle labelling me a loser. O.o

My present & card! :)

This is my first & only birthday card this year. I know, how sad. I love you both too!

My birthday gift! YAY! Finally, something from my wishlist!

& they were so sweet! They apologised for the gift not being something better coz' Skye is broke at the moment. & I was like, "This is good enough! It's something I wanted, & anyways, it's the thought that counts! You guys got me something!"

& I'm touched lah, coz' I know Skye is really DAMN broke. So thank you, my dears, for getting me something I like!

& Darrelle & Skye were so shocked when I mentioned in passing during dinner that I have Pushing Daisies Season 1 (albeit, not original). They thought they're giving me something I already have, but I did put this in my wishlist as something I want!

& no, I DID want this even though I have seen the entire season! I love the show very very much & want the original DVD set to keep.

Either ways, it's so funny coz' Darrelle called me a "siao zabor" in my birthday card.

She said specifically, "WHAT'S THE POINT OF ASKING FOR SOMETHING YOU ALREADY HAVE, YOU SIAO ZABOR?" Such a nice birthday message, it is. :D Cracked me up though. Like you know, a crackpot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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