Sunday, November 2

KTV with Val & Manda!

I tell you, our new favourite place is Party World at Bishan coz' it's cheap, the rooms are large, & the food is super yummy.

Photographer fail.

This is my friend Val. She looks like some anime character.

Skye & Daryl came down & had dinner with us.

All of us standing in front of Val's car.

So like, I have these HILARIOUS videos of us during KTV, which I can't put up or you know, I could be in their dinner tomorrow.

Mainly, it's us doing Abba songs & being super retarded, like we always do. I heart those girls, coz' it's always so fun going KTV with them.

& this, is Birthday Present Part 2 from Skye & Darrelle. Those silly girls got me something else ON TOP of Pushing Daisies Season 1! :o I was like, "But why?! The first present was more than enough!"

& Skye didn't come to KTV with us coz' she's broke buying this second gift. -_- I also don't know why. But so sweet lah! Makes me feel so bad!

& Darrelle, THANK YOU too!

I did buy myself the M.A.C. Powerpoint but hey, eyeliners don't last forever so I'll use this too, in a couple of months' time! :) THANK YOU, girls. -muah-

It kinda makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Hehe.

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