Thursday, November 6

I am in quite a funk right now.

I was staring at this letter from CPF reminding me of the impending payment I have to make, & was just feeling utterly depressed.

The interest has snowballed in the last 3 years since I've graduated from poly.

It's still going to snowball, & it'll take me YEARS to make the full payment.

Some of you may think that $6500 can be easily paid off.

Well, screw you.

When I get a full-time job, I have to give my mom a monthly allowance, which she expects, & will raise one hell of a ruckus if I don't give her what she thinks she deserves (she's even raised the issue of me giving her allowance when I'm currently working part-time & inconsistently & getting less than $1000 a month before CPF & transport & meals).

I'll have to have a sum deducted from my pay every month to return to her CPF account for the poly fees (with the interest still rising as I pay through my nose the next 6 years or so), & I still owe her $2000 for the US trip.

I also owe my sister $2000 for the US trip.

So technically, for the next few years, I'll be getting minimal for the next few years after the monthly sums, so after transport, meals, & maybe insurance, I may not have any left. AWESOME.

So don't blame me if I am hating those people lucky enough to have their parents pay for their educations through & through. & some parents go beyond that, supporting their grown children etc etc.

It just pisses me off, coz' I have to pay back my poly fees (with a fucking high interest rate), so basically, my parents only put me through high school.

& my mom could put back the full sum into her CPF if she wants to & I could pay her cash but she made so much noise today when I discussed waiving the sum when she hits the CPF withdrawal age. She WANTS me to pay the interest. Wtf.

So I know there are those in worse situations than me, blah blah blah.

Well, I don't fucking care. At least I don't hate them at the moment.

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