Thursday, December 25

Saw Twilight today with Skye.

So what do I think about the highly-anticipated movie?

One word: EURGH.

Let me go on in this rambling tangent.

Regarding the R-Pat fever shit (yes, it even has a name!), Robert Pattinson is not THAT gorgeous. He's not worth the screaming/fainting/crying fan girls & the adulation. His angular features are set in a square face, & his acting experience (or lack thereof) shows, with him being stiff throughout the whole movie. What's so gorgeous about that?

I only thought he looked remotely hot when the camera did an above-shot of his side view. HAH.

Bella Swan seems to tremble throughout the film. Odd.

The movie lasted 2 hours & 1 minute, which was an hour & 31 minutes too long.

You have to sit through a lot of mindless dialogue (come on, NOBODY speaks like that in real life, how pretentious) to get to the action. & just when the action gets you going, it's over & done with. WHA? I sat through the whole "I love you & I'll die without you but I think I'll accidentally drink your blood too coz' I love you too much" convoluted crap for a 10-minutes action sequence?

Plot moves along too slowly, a lot of unnecessary scenes which have absolutely no point (no development, no character building etc. etc.), hollow dialogue (nothing to do with the director or scriptwriter, blame the author), no one I really fancy. No wonder I didn't enjoy it one bit.

Skye was shifting restlessly & falling asleep. I was rolling my eyes, checking the time, & wondering how long more till the movie ends. & when we were about halfway into the movie, Skye declared loudly, "This is so boring", while I declared, "Why's it so draggy?"

Eargh. Well, I guess I sort of expected myself to hate the movie since I hated the books as well.

But I watched it because I'm a sucker (& I would watch it no matter how shitty the reviews are just coz' I read the books) & I bought into the whole hype. -___-

After that lousy show, boyfriend, brother & Eunice came down to have dinner with us. Boyfriend & I had a craving for fish/seafood but Manhattan Fish Market tried to rip us off by ridding the ala carte menu & creating some special Christmas dinner sets which cost an arm & leg.

So we got all huffy & headed next door to Ichiban instead. SO THERE.

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