Thursday, December 25

My notebook crashed on me early Christmas morning as a wonderful gift.

Merry Christmas, y'all.

It ain't looking so bad though. I have 2 more years of extended warranty, & I'll have much free time next week to fix the blasted thing (to think how well I treated you!), so it'll be back before you know it. I've also gotten all my music files backed up in a portable HDD.

HOWEVER, I'm terribly worried about some new photos which I haven't had the time to back up yet, & have since deleted from my camera.

Sigh. I hope the genius techie (& I do hope it's a genius techie I'll get) will be able to salvage the information.

ANYHOOS. I had sucha feast at home. Roast beef, honey ham, cheese & bacon stuffed portobello mushrooms, & the likes. :) & I'll post pictures once I get the blasted notebook back in working order again.

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