Thursday, January 1

So what did you do to usher in the new year?

Well, I had a Chuck + sex marathon.


I'm kidding about the sex part, obviously.

But boyfriend & I watched 21 mind-boggling awesome episodes of Chuck. 21 episodes. Need I remind you, that would be 21 x 40 minutes = 840 minutes, which translates to 14 hours.

We started from the pilot episode mid-day yesterday, & we are mere 2 episodes away from Season 2's finale.

Chuck is...awesome. Zachary Levi who plays the title character is bumbling, earnest, & adorable. Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker) is well, hot. & I think Sarah Lancaster, who plays Chuck's sister Ellie, is hotter. & of coz', there is plenty of eye candy. In Ryan McPartlin (Chuck's brother-in-law, also "Captain Awesome"), Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin), & the random hot female villains they throw into the mix.

But my favourite has got to be Adam Baldwin, who plays emotionally-devoid NSA agent John Casey. I have a penchant of liking such characters.

& because I've watched so much Chuck, I'm starting to adapt his favourite word (which he describes his brother-in-law) - awesome.

Being able to stay over & falling asleep with each other again is terribly fulfilling. It almost feels like US all over again. Almost. That was one month. This is one day. There's obviously no need to explain the vast difference.

But hell, we have a whole life ahead of us.

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