Thursday, January 1

So, 2008 is officially gone, & people like to flash back on things they had or hadn't done, & what they would like to do for the new year.

I've decided not to do flash backs, coz' it's all part of history now. It's just a piece from the past that you will never get back, why mull over it? Look forward, not back.

What would I like to do in the new year? I've long given up on my yearly inclusion of the obligatory "stop biting/shredding nails".

& the whole "losing weight" thing is not working out either. I make a resolve not to eat, & all Daryl has to do is go, "Let's have sushi/pasta/some delicious-sounding morsels of evil" & I succumb to weakness.

Additionally, I have no motivation or willpower to exercise. My current awesome excuse is that I don't have a proper pair of trainers, which I do, but I insist that they're 5 years old & though they're in seemingly good condition due to the fact that they were hardly utilised, a 5-year-old pair just will not do.

I'm contemplating on getting a spanking new pair. Which would probably just spur me to squeeze every ounce of creative juice to come up with another brilliant excuse.

Therefore, I'll follow my resolution last year of not having resolutions.

Isn't that excellent?

Even though I haven't even found a full-time job 2 months after graduation, I'm just gonna ignore that pressing issue & live one day at a time. It'll happen when it happens. No point having panic attacks over it.

At least I still have a measly-paying, crappy, intelligence-sapping job that helps me survive, & that very job has produced some really good friends as well.

I have my family (which, I find gets on my nerves too frequently, but which I still love).

I have my friends (that means you, if you're reading this).

& I have a wonderful someone named Daryl Goh Siak Bing, who loves me through everything.

So, if 2008 has been a bitch to you, hey, it's GOTTA look up in the new year. You can't go any worse than rock bottom, yeah?

& if the past year has been a bed of roses for you, bully to you. Lady Luck's gotta be fair & spread the damn love.

(Just a thought:
Isn't it amazing how short-lived the awe-inducing beauty of fireworks is? They pop & crackle into millions of dancing sparks. They explode into colours & shapes. People are entranced, captivated by the marvel unfolding before their eyes.

Yet this beauty eventually falls & fades into nothingness within seconds, minutes. & what is left is merely the vastness that was before the beauty lit up the nightsky.

& in the immediate aftermath of the spectacle, the vastness seems even more pronounced, even more stark & empty than it was ever before.)

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